Tuesday, August 28, 2012

People in GLUE

In my last post I explored GLUE Roles and Responsibilities. Each GLUE Discipline does have a specific Role:

A Role is assigned following the VARISC methodology to a GLUE Delivery which produces a GLUE Deliverable. GLUE Deliveries are organized in GLUE Domains (specialized if needed) and each of the Domains belongs to the GLUE Space:

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.”,
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)
There is one aspect I have left out so far but is key for my work: People. People matter, actually the next person I talk to matters. And I mean it and try to live up to it. Of course that adds some complexity to GLUE, because People do not act as if they are machines. They have emotion, insight, feelings. They might like you and do therefore things for you which they won't do if they dislike you (and vice verse). They might try to max out on their personal success or live up to serve others. No matter what their motivation is people complicate things, because all of a sudden the result is not computable anymore.

So I personally focus on people. The main reason for me to give this blog the name "Social Enterprise Architecture" actually. Most of the success stories (and failures) I know are actually based on people success or failure. I personally believe that I need to touch people emotional with my Enterprise Architecture work to get it wanted, worked on and done in the end and to a certain degree I do not believe that Governance is the answer to make people work according to the rules, but that sane and easy to understand rules, roles and responsibilities including a high degree of freedom is the key. To explore the concepts behind GLUE a bit more (GLUE Journeys) I will leave out people for the moment but will come back again to that later.

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