Wednesday, August 29, 2012

GLUE Journeys

In my last post I have touched the concept of people in GLUE and where people are connected to the more computable part of GLUE:

As promised I will not touch people in this post, but start writing about GLUE Journeys. But then again as with all my other posts I of course have to take all existing GLUE concepts into consideration to show how it ties together.
“Voyage, travel and change of place impart vigor.”,
Seneca (ca 1 - 65)

So my first challenge is that the journey to write about GLUE journeys is quite a journey. And I had some problems in finding the right entry. My first attempt was to write it as complete posts, but that was already to long after I just put 10% of my journey thoughts into it. So now I am rewriting and restructuring it and I think I will give it another twist, more towards a journey report.
Therefore I will try to explain the concepts via looking at the Primary GLUE Deliveries:
I will start each post by exploring the Island to a certain degree (I have no chance to fully explore a single Island), the people living on the Island, the goods the Island produces and the ships which leave the Island and transport passengers and goods to other Islands. I will follow the ships, where they sail, their goods and their passengers. The first Island I start with is the Island of Do Business Operation. Before that Island I might squeeze one post in writing about the one who is writing the report, to introduce the concept behind. I hope to leave the dry area of GLUE Theory now and enter the GLUE Story Telling by creating a fictional story about travelling through GLUE.

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