Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Intended (Good Architecture) vs Actual (Real Architecture)

I just stumbled by accident accross a nice video: RSA Animate - The Internet in Society: Empowering or Censoring Citizens?

And there is one key take-away for me in that video: Never confuse the intended use of technology (good architecture) with the actual use (real architecture). To use that stress field for designing an even better solution (good architecture) which is then also used (real architecture) it is worth spending time on the conflicts between good and real architecture. A classical Fit/Gap Analysis might help from a mechanical point of view here, but in general that area of conflict is of special interest, because as high energy areas it might be the place where new innovation is born (despite all the waste which is most likely also generated). So look beyond the obvious and use the daily applied stupidity to find brilliant innovation ideas.

Good luck.