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General Process Framework with
Loose Coupling of Process Components using a
Unified Approach for
Engineering in all fields.


The GLUE Disciplines form the value stream or 1-dimensional approach of GLUE.
  1. Describe Intention
  2. Define Requirement
  3. Design Architecture
  4. Develop Solution
  5. Do Operate
  6. Detect Defect


GLUE Decks are build on top of each other to structure the whole into layers. An example set of Decks could look like this:

The intersection of Disciplines and Decks form the 2-dimensional approach of GLUE:


GLUE Divisions support different viewpoints to deliver:
  1. Destination aims for the future
  2. Discovery aims for transformation
  3. Defence aims for stability
The intersection of Disciplines, Decks and Divisions form the 3-dimensional approach of GLUE:

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