Friday, January 2, 2015

Exploring a new world - Raspberry PI

It has been quite a while since I last posted here and I am very sorry for that. There is so much I want to do and share with the Enterprise Archtecture community which just piles up on a long (very long, indeed) list of things. Among quite some posts there is three books I planned to write (not knowing if I ever manage to finish one of them, nor knowing if anyone is interested in reading them).

Nevertheless, as a christmas gift to myself I bought my very first Raspberry PI which is a quite cool device. There is so much written already on the internet, that I am not sure if I can contribute anything further to the community, but its quite obvious a device with some potential to disrupt and I will use it to teach my kids Linux (Rasbian) and programming.

In just no time (granted, I do have some Linux administration background) I was able to setup a local RAID 1 NAS where te whole family can share files of any kind (at the moment up to the limit of 1.5TB). Thanks to dynamic DNS approaches I can also access the files from remote locations (assuming I am interested in that).

My first Raspberry PI steps are already providing:
  1. Raid 1 (Raspberry PI as raid server
  2. Private Family Cloud (ownCloud)
Next steps could include (if I want to):
  1. Remote Family Cloud (Two DNS)
  2. User & File Management (Samba)
  3. Mail Server (Postfix, Devocot, Squirrelmail, Spamassassin and Sieve)

There is quite some other ideas out there in which I am interested. Lets see if I find the time to realize them and the time to blog about them.

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  1. Trying ownCloud with SQLite is not a good idea, therefore I migrated to MySQL. Works like a charm.