Monday, August 20, 2012

GLUE Vision

2007 I was asked to support an IT process optimization project. I was in the lucky position to have a very knowledgeable manager who was challenging me well on the information I created. While explaining the potential different process alternatives to him and being challenged what that means and supports and what it does not mean and does not support I got carried away by the work and created a generic framework to describe all process flows in the IT organisation.
Apparently the perception was not very well, because it answered a question which was not asked and none was able to relate to.
In the recent weeks I stumbled every now and then over some concepts which reminded me pretty much on my initial work on that generic framework and the evolution it has undergone over time while I applied it. It was somehow easier for me to create my own framework with my own thoughts than just stepping into one of the existing and fully adopting to it. What hit me in the past (and still does today) was the complexity of all the frameworks and the different words they use to describe the very same, be it inside one profession or cross-profession.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”,
Confucius (551 - 479 BC)

Therefore I created my own vision trying to reduce complexity. It works for me and I named it GLUE:
General Process Framework with
Loose Coupling of Process Components using a
Unified Approach for
Engineering in all fields.

This is hopefully only the first post in a longer series of posts while I restructure GLUE once again to add the in between gained knowledge. I use this also to restart my blogging attempts.


  1. Hi Kai,

    I started thinking on EUP (Enterprise Unified Process) while reading your blog. Nonetheless your ideas are interesting.

    Kind regards,

    Peter Flemming Teunissen Sjoelin

    1. I am influenced by a RUP instance. In 2007 when I started the process optimization work the company was working with a customized RUP. I wouldn't call that EUP, but in the company we had some similiar thinking due to the fact that we applied RUP on an Enterprise wide level.

      Later, after I already have created my first version of GLUE, I was exploring the work of Scott Ambler a lot, but more intense in the space of