Thursday, August 23, 2012

GLUE Divisions

I started writing about the GLUE Vision:
General Process Framework with
Loose Coupling of Process Components using a
Unified Approach for
Engineering in all fields.
And continued my exploration with an 1-dimensional approach, the GLUE Disciplines:
Then I added the GLUE Decks with following example:

The intersection of Disciplines and Decks form the 2-dimensional approach of GLUE:

I believe that in most cases there is a different perspective on what is needed and therefore a different focus.

“What we see depends mainly on what we look for.”,
John Lubbock (1834 - 1913)

GLUE Divisions is the concept I use here. Each Division delivers to the overall success, but has a different perspective:
  1. Destination aims for the future
  2. Discovery aims for transformation
  3. Defence aims for stability
Typically IT Organisations reflect that by structuring the organisation in a Plan, Build, Test, Run way. There is a different mentality and way of looking at the world attached to the 3 divisions. Having all three mindsets together (and I come to Plan in another post one day hopefully) allows to deliver towards all needs. In many cases one or the other dominates, but that is another topic.

To be able to deliver towards destination, discovery, defence in a good engineered way the now three dimensions of GLUE must be combined and form a cuboid:

So it is now just another boxed approach to put the right activity into the right area (e.g. Define Business Destination Requirements, Design Application Defence Architecture or Do Software Discovery). I will explore some other concepts in this over the next posts, because I fear it is still too simple to describe the full picture.

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