Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Glue Decks

I started writing about the GLUE Vision:

General Process Framework with

Loose Coupling of Process Components using a

Unified Approach for

Engineering in all fields.

And continued by writing about the GLUE Disciplines:

  1. Describe Intention
  2. Define Requirement
  3. Design Architecture
  4. Develop Solution
  5. Do Operation
  6. Detect Defect
I believe that in most cases things build on top of something else and rely on each other to be successful.

“For a tree to become tall it must grow tough roots among the rocks",
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900)

GLUE Decks is the concept I use here. Each Deck is supported by the underlying deck and relies on it. For an example company the setup might look like this:
  1. The Business is supported by one System of Systems (the whole IT).
  2. The System of Systems contains Applications.
  3. An Application contains Software Components.
Another example setup could look like this:
  1. The Business is organized in Units.
  2. Each Unit is supported by its own System of Systems (Domain).
  3. Each System of Systems contains Applications.
  4. An Application contains Software Components.
To support a combination of global aligned applications and unit dependent applications I would model the shared functions in this example in the unit deck.
To get the decks delivered the intersection between the GLUE Disciplines and the GLUE Decks is needed:

So now it is not that simple anymore, but still following a very simple principle. Each of the decks can follow the same process structure and the disciplines in that process require the same kind of skillset and same approach to look at the problem space. Be it creative (describe), processual (define), structure (design), constructive (develop), safety (do) or destructive (detect).
GLUE is now two dimensional and it is possible to describe many concepts with these two dimensions as I plan to do over the next posts. But I still believe that the reality can not be pressed into two dimensions only so in my next post I will add another dimension to the GLUE Space.

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