Sunday, August 26, 2012

GLUE Delivery

In my last posts I have explored the GLUE Space and looked into GLUE Domains and how to tailor them.

“Without labour nothing prospers.”,
Sophocles (496 BC - 406 BC)

The GLUE Space in itself is a static construct and allows me to organize and understand. Special attention is needed on the GLUE Deck which I will investigate further with more examples in another post. But that does not deliver anything and therefore I need the concept GLUE Delivery. Getting Things Done is always most important.

  • GLUE Deliveries are performed by Reponsible Roles
  • GLUE Deliveries produce Deliverables
  • GLUE Deliveries are organized in GLUE Domains
  • GLUE Primary Deliveries are the Intersection of the GLUE Dimensions: Primary Delivery Name = Name of Discipline + Name of Deck + Name of Division
    • Example: Design Application Destination (Architecture), Do Business Defence (Operation), Detect (Defect on) Software Destination
  • GLUE Primary Deliverables are the Intersection of the GLUE Dimensions: Primary Deliverable Name = Name of Deck + Name of Division + Noun of Discipline
    • Example: Application Destination Design (or Architecture), Business Defence Doing (or Operation), Software Destination Detection (or Test)

The names of the Deliveries are of course artificial process names, but they help me to understand what is really going on, no matter how a methodology is phrasing that. The same applies for the Deliverables where I am able to analyze a given deliverable (no matter what way it is communicated) and map it into the GLUE Space for understanding. Reality is that in most cases information from more than one box is given (and I will not touch upon the motivation here, because there is many good and bad reasons to not be structural sane).

I need to investigate Responsible Roles next and I am awaiting your comments as always. The problem for me sometimes is, that it is crystal clear to me. But that is only in my head and I might be misguided by that. Therefore I need more feedback to understand where I have not given enough information (or made a big mistake by missing something crucial). The more feedback the better actually.

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