Saturday, September 8, 2012

GLUE - Updated Framework

In my last post I have updated and corrected the GLUE Journeys to put my thinking in the model after some reflection on my own writing triggered by reading my own thoughts and especially by some comments I received. This of course has an effect on the GLUE Framework in the context of Social Enterprise Architecture which I now have to reflect.
Having written this the interesting question is: what makes the circulatory system work. The answer is very simple: It always works and it always creates the result based on communication between the people as it was put in Conway's Law. And communication between people is not a stable construct but something which is very flexible and undergoing a permanent change.

So how are people organized?
  1. The first dimension is the organizational structure, where people are clearly assigned in elements in pyramidal structures.
  2. The second dimension is the process organization, where people from different elements of the organizational structure work together in the same process towards a repeatable goal.
  3. The third dimension is the project organization, where people from the different elements of the organizational structure work towards a one time goal.
So what is the effect of these three organizations on the GLUE Framework and especially the GLUE Space and the circulatory system?
The answer is fairly simple:
  • All three determine who delivers what in the GLUE Space. The GLUE Space itself and even the circulatory system is not affected.
in many frameworks I observe an argumentation chain which is along the line: If you follow this, then it will work. If something does not work out the argumentation chain is easily: But you have not followed framework x, therefore it couldn't work. Given the fact that none of the frameworks is complete (only reality is) this is a self fulfilling prophecy. With GLUE i try to be different (and I might be biased in believing so and totally wrong. I believe there is no way to break out of GLUE, we are all bound to it, no matter if we try to be different or now.

GLUE glues Engineering together, if we want it or not.

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