Thursday, September 6, 2012

GLUE Journeys - Obvious missed

By writing about the GLUE Journeys i missed to clarify one thing which is so obvious to me that I have not put it into the model, yet. My clarification post on the journeys between the GLUE Decks helped me to see that this was just hidden in my head but not put into any post yet.

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”,
Arthur Conan Doyle Sr. (1859 - 1930)

My initial declaration was, that something new from the GLUE Division Destination has to be adopted by using the GLUE Division Discovery till it is fully adopted in the GLUE Division Defence:

There is of course also a feedback flow in the divisions. Desire Defence can lead to a changed Desire Discovery which can lead to a changed Desire Destination. If that is a very strong flow here it is a reflection of an organization which resists changes:

The full Circulatory GLUE System looks therefore like this:


I have now explored the GLUE Journeys and will start to map various frameworks, models, methods and whatever I find on my exploration to GLUE to explain it even further. I hope this brings something to the community. Now I hand over to your comments and will try to answer them, if I have an answer. If not is actually even better, because that forces me to think deeper.

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