Friday, January 11, 2013

GLUE Framework - Fixed Circulatory GLUE Cube

In my last post Glue Journeys - Obvious Missed Take 2 I fixed a small but very relevant diagram mistake in my circulatory GLUE Cube.

I found this mistake while exploring the need for Enterprise Architecture Domains.Therefore here also the updated version of the diagram for the complete GLUE Framework:

  • People fulfill one or many Roles in an Enterprise
  • A Role has responsibilities with respect to a Delivery.
  • A Delivery delivers a Deliverable (what a sentence).
  • A Domain groups Deliveries.
  • The Circulatory System contains all (relevant) Domains. (And here I need some time in the future to create the whole storyline without the errors. Maybe not in a blog but in a different format. I do not know how yet though.)
So to translate this into other words:
So is it possible to run this in a truly different way? Or are the so called other ways in reality just a different representation of the very same concept? I need to explore this deeper to become a better Enterprise Architect. Comments as always more than welcome.

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