Saturday, October 6, 2012


In my last posts I explored the world of complexity and started with Don't Panic. An advice which does not only work for GLUE and Enterprise Architecture but is generally a fairly good advice. The some ideas collided in my head (which reminds me of the great Steven Johnson and his Where Good Ideas Come From) and I therefore wrote about EPIC SCAN for the GLUE Division Defence and WISE SCAN for the GLUE Division Destination. Both techniques which i use in my GLUE thinking and therefore my daily work for quite a while but which I could not formalize more yet. Tom Graves SCAN framework allowed me to find a way to formalize it a bit more. I had difficulties with WISE SCAN but finally found a way.

So one GLUE Division is missing: Discovery. Here I use the PACE SCAN:
  • People - because one person can (and most likely will) make the difference between success and failure.
  • Adaption - because the solution must be adapted to serve the people.
  • Communication - because communication is key to ensure that the solution serves the people.
  • Emphatic - because sensing also the unspoken is needed to be able to deliver and help that people and solution form a perfect fit-to-purpose environment.

And for those who have not figured yet: Besides enjoying working in the space of chaos, because here the really cool new things (and a lot of stupidity) emerge I also love working in the GLUE PACE SCAN to find a way through the chaos.

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